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Posted on Jun 25, 2014
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Meet April & Garon!  They are both busy bees during this wedding planning season.  We bounced around trying to find the perfect date for their engagement photos and finally decided on early June.  It was perfect as we were hoping this cool weather streak would still be around.  June comes and so does the cool weather but it brings along its friend rain…and we get rained out.  So after a bit more planning we find a new date in mid June.  The only problem, our friend cool weather is no where to be found.  Despite all we plunge forth and voila, it paid off!  We have a gorgeous set of engagement photos to share with you all.  These two handle the heat well, they must be Texans.  So kick back and relax, preferably in the AC, and check out this adorable Mercer Arboretum engagement session.

Las Velas Bridal_0011.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0012.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0013.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0014.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0015.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0016.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0017.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0018.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0019.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0020.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0021.jpg
Las Velas Bridal_0022.jpg

Houston Engagement Photographer

Posted on Jun 20, 2014
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We are so excited to share with you all this gorgeous and chic Houston Engagement session in the Houston Medical District!  Danielle & Trea are both med students at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  They wanted to have their engagements taken where they have spent the last few years of their life.  This is a big part of their lives and we are so happy to have captured just a piece of it.

Houston Wedding Photographer_0042.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0043.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0044.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0045.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0046.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0047.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0048.jpg

Houston Wedding Photographer_0049.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0050.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0051.jpg

Gorgeous sunset dance in front of the Houston skyline.
Houston Wedding Photographer_0052.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0053.jpg
Houston Wedding Photographer_0054.jpg

Houston Engagement Photographer

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