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As a photographer I love outdoor weddings and unique wedding ceremonies.  You just can’t beat the feel of natural lighting in an outside ceremony.  People always ask me about where some of my favorite outside wedding ceremony ideas and locations so i put together this list.  I really hope this outdoor wedding ceremony guide helps you out, and if you have some suggestions leave them in the comments!

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Lofty Spaces

816 Montgomery
Dallas, TX 75215

Located just outside the downtown Dallas this space offers an modern industrial look with both outside and inside ceremony locations. The inside has a great vintage warehouse feel that has been updated with modern finishing.  It also offers a great bridal room for the girls to get ready with retro modern vanity tables and plenty of space to get ready.

wedding at lofty spaces

The Reata Restaurant

310 Houston Street, Sundance Square

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

While not actually in Dallas, One of my favorite Fort Worth wedding reception locations is The Reata.  It has a wonderful 2 level rooftop event space with a glass rotunda that offers indoor seating while still outside!  This space overlooks Sundance Square which lights up at night offering a spectacular view.  Even more amazing than the view is the food and the service.  The Reata is one of the finest restaurants in Ft Worth and their staff is the best.  Their space is a little limiting, so I would only recommend is for parties of around 200.  Its perfect for a romantic candlelit wedding reception in the city.

Reata Wedding Reception

The Sanford House

This bed and breakfast located in historic Arlington is also a beautiful wedding venue.  Its a very quaint location for a ceremony and reception.  It has a beautiful garden and courtyard with a gazebo thats perfect for a small dance floor!

1899 Farmhouse

This secluded farmhouse are perfect for the getaway rustic country outdoor wedding.  Let your guest kickback a enjoy their peaceful surroundings.  This is a true country wedding venue!


Marie Gabrielle

Located near downtown Dallas this fantastic restaurant sits on a 1.5 acre beautiful european garden with a reflecting pool, oak trees, and alleys of beautiful river birch trees.  They hold wedding ceremonies, receptions and other special events.  They can accommodate up to 300 people in their floor to ceiling window lined restaurant with a patio that offers a beautiful view of the Dallas skyline.


Stone Bridge Ranch

If you are looking for a classic Country Club wedding reception with a beautiful outdoor ceremony location you have to check out Stonebridge Ranch Country Club.  The ceremony takes place under two large Oak trees and a green lawn overlooking a beautiful lake.  Then the guests all walk in to the country club for the reception.

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Wedding

Art Space 111

Artspace 111 is a contemporary venue in Fort Worth that will attract the eclectic crowd.  It offers a picturesque setting for your ceremony inside the sculpture garden.  Then take the party over to the outside reception area or the inside art galleries.  This is perfect for the artist at heart!

contemporary outdoor wedding venue artspace 111

Howell Family Farms

This quaint little cottage and barn is perfect for your country wedding.  The recently remodeled barn has an upstairs entertaining area of 5,000 sq. ft and has beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling adding elegance to the country setting.

Real Wedding at Howell Family Farms

Bridals at Howell Family Farms

Trinity River Audubon

Located just 8 minutes south of downtown Dallas this 6,000 acre urban hardwood forest is the largest in the united states.  Located on the Trinity River, the Audubon Center is the perfect setting for the green bride.  The ultra modern building is striking against the natural landscape around it and the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

outdoor wedding venue at the trinity river audubon green earth friendly

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This is the classic outdoor dallas wedding.  The 66 acres of lush gardens and pristine lawns make the picturesque outdoor wedding possible.  This is a very elegant venue and is also a great location to have your bridal photography or engagement photography.  Its a very popular location!

Real Wedding at Dallas Arboretum

dallas arboretum wedding


Dallas Museum of Art

For those brides wanting a modern setting for their wedding with clean lines and sleek designs I highly recommend the Dallas Museum of Art.

Wedding at the Dallas Museum of Art

Modern outdoor wedding location at the dallas museum of art

Japanese Gardens

Nested inside the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is the enchanting Japanese Gardens.  “Serpentine paths entice you to surrender your senses and discover a new treasure at every turn.”  From the Koi filled ponds to the arching bridges you will feel like you are in another world.  This is a must for a beautiful and romantic wedding.

elegant outdoor garden wedding at the Japanese Gardens in the fort worth botanical gardens

The Cotton Mill

This is one the most unique facilities in the entire DFW metroplex.  It offers the vintage rustic setting that you can’t find anywhere else. From huge spacious warehouses, old dirty mechanical rooms, open outdoor spaces with beautiful brick walls.  Every corner of the cotton mill is covered in rustic goodness.  You have to check this place out I promise you will love the Cotton Mill!

Wedding at the McKinney Cotton Mill

The McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding Party Photos

Bridals at the Cotton Mill in Mckinney

the cotton mill in mckinney

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    I knew before I started reading this blog that there would be fantastic venues in Dallas. The gardens, museums, farms and ranches are spectacular and the photos displayed are awesome and original. Thanks.

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    I recently opened a B&B on 22 gorgeous acres 30 minutes south of downtown Dallas. We have had one wedding here so far and have 3 more booked this September. Please take a look at our website and let me know how to get the word out about our place.

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